Thursday, April 9, 2009


whoever invented the straw is a genius! that being said, let me elaborate. it was a typical morning with P and L barely making it out the door on time and M and R here with me getting ready for preschool. the girls and i were getting ready to leave when i realized that P had not turned in her field trip permission slip. of course at this point i also realize that i cannot write a check to pay for this fabulous outing, but must pay in cash. okay- so i don't usually carry cash and if i do it is spent before i can blink. so with the girls loaded in the van and on our way to preschool we have to detour to the bank. although, how do you break a 20 on the way to school?!! my answer is obvious-STARBUCKS! so P gets a fabulous field trip to the movies and i get to indulge in my favorite addiction. it was at starbucks that i developed deep and heart-felt love and admiration for the inventor of the straw. i decided to actually go into starbucks instead of the drive-thru in hopes of avoiding long lines. in the attempt of avoiding any public scenes and trying to distract the girls a bit i asked M to get me a straw. of course she decided to get one for herself. R soon caught on and followed big sister's lead to get her own as well. so crisis averted there are no melt downs, outbursts or unruly children, only well behaved little angels with straws and wide open imaginations. it was awesome. during our ride those straws were magically transformed into letters, a cross- just like the one Jesus died on for our sins, a violin, drum sticks, horns, pencils, swords and so much more. all of this to say that i am convinced that the straw is and can be the best toy your child will ever have- next to the card board box, which is a classic! i am amazed that a little imagination can transform a little plastic tube into a world of learning and hours of playtime. so today i salute the inventor of the straw, who probably just made it for his/her own kids! so from now on when i am at starbucks or mcdonalds or wherever you can bet that i will be taking a few more straws than necessary and filling up my purse, diaper bag and glove compartment! i may even go crazy and buy the bendy straws at the store!