Monday, February 7, 2011

these boots were made for stomping

A few days ago I came across a blog written by a dear friend of mine, whom I think is the Queen of blog-land and an extremely talented photographer and writer, not to mention a fabulous Momma. This particular post was in a weekly series titled Fifty-Two on Fridays. From my understanding this weekly post merely begins with a simple topic, word, phrase, thought, etc... and you can interpret it how you see fit. So this week it was about shoes. As I read the sweet words she had written about her little guy getting his own pair of special red shoes, I immediately thought of my Rylie girl. If you know anything about my Rylie it's that she is feisty and full of life. Some may even say that she is down right stubborn and strong willed just like her Momma. And in my opinion she may very well be the best snuggler in the world. Any way you slice it there is no doubt about it- to know her is to love her. Lately, her greatest love has been a pair of black cowgirl boots (not to be confused with cowboy boots). I am not quite sure where they came from, but Rylie has attached herself to those boots and will not let go. Even though they are two sizes too small she is wearing those boots into the ground. I just have to smile because she gets so excited when she puts them on all by herself. "Mom look I stomped my foot real hard and it went on".

This past week Rylie and I got to spend some rare quality time together. It is not as if we don't hang out every day, but this was a special day. The weather has been beautiful the last few days and we couldn't resist soaking up the sunshine. Ace was taking a nap and I decided that housework could wait so we headed to the front yard for a little bike riding. The boots were given the afternoon off and traded in for "bike-riding shoes". Rylie started off on her Dora big wheel then decided that she wanted to try Madi's big girl bike. So we got out Dad's tools and set to work modifying the big girl bike to fit little girl legs. It wasn't long before we had adjusted the seat and Rylie was off riding on her own down the street. It was such a big deal for her to be on that big bike and I was honored to be the one to share that "first" with her.

It wasn't long before those boots found their way back onto Rylie's feet, where I'm certain to see them as long as she can cram her toes into them. These boots are just another reminder that my little girl is growing up. So tomorrow I'll do my best to help her stomp her feet into those boots and see how many more adventures we can have together before they don't fit anymore.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

stretch marks

For about a month or so I have been thinking about stretch marks. To some it may be an off the wall topic to even contemplate, but in my world this subject just flows seamlessly into my everyday life. OK, so maybe I should say that they are staring me in the face daily-or staring back at me through the mirror to be more exact. Hopefully that is not too much info to throw out there, but let's be real.

I think my musing all started one day when my darling 3 yr. old saw me changing my clothes and asked me, "Mom why do you have zebra stripes on your belly?". Oh, how words from the mouths of babes can pierce one's heart. After I recovered from the shock and had picked up my hurt feelings off of the floor, I proceeded to tell her that yes, while they did look like zebra stripes they were called stretch marks from where my belly had grown as a result of having four babies. She seemed happy with the answer and went about her way. I, however decided to really think about what those little marks on my belly meant and represented to me.

I have heard it said that, 'Stretch marks are the badge of a real woman'. But I think that is crap. Does that mean that just because a woman does not have them (wouldn't that be nice) makes her less of a woman?! Of course not! And besides, women are not the only ones who have stretch marks. OK, so that's enough ranting, I'll move on before I am sucked into the abyss by an unforeseen tractor beam and completely given over to the dark side.

So I know that those little marks do not define me as a woman, but they did help to shape me into the woman I am today. I realized that each one of those little lines is just a little puzzle piece in the story of me. I can probably even tell you when or more specifically who I got each of those little lines from. To me those lines are a reminder of all four of my pregnancies. All of the prayers said for my Payton during a difficult and fearful time full of trips to the genetic counselor and endless testing, camping out on the couch because it made my back feel better, the thrill of feeling my baby move inside of me and the joy that each of their births has brought to my life.

It is because of these marks and becoming a mother that I have truly been able to understand and see in a new light the love that our Savior has for us. After all it was Jesus who made the greatest sacrifice for us on the cross. And I have only just realized that as he was up on that cross his arms were stretched wide and as his hands and feet were pierced he was receiving the ultimate stretch mark. He loved us so much that he was willing to die on a cross for our sins. And those little scars that were left on his body are merely a symbol of his love for me. So even though I am not too excited to have a zebra striped belly, I will try to remember that those little marks are a direct result and symbol of growth, sacrifice, dedication and most of all love.

Monday, January 3, 2011

my guy

4days 5months 11months

I realized these last few weeks that I have not posted anything about my favorite guy in his entire life! he has only been with me for just over a year now, but it is difficult to remember life before him. Allow me to introduce the special little guy in my life, the one and only Ace. Yes, I do admit he may not have the most conventional or widely accepted name by some standards, but that is all part of his charm. After all with 3 older sisters he really is one of a kind.
Ace made his way into this world Dec. 19, 2009 and instantly captured our hearts. From the get go my guy had a rough start. Less than 24 hours after he was born we discovered that he had a punctured lung and needed to be admitted to the NICU. Right away he was placed under what we referred to as the "Darth Vader helmet" to aid filling and pressurizing his lung. Although, it is with regret that I must say we do not have a photo of this infamous helmet. I blame it one the hysteria parents feel when learning that their newborn is less than healthy. It was very difficult to watch our guy being poked with IVs and not being able to hold him for long periods of time, but he was never alone. We had a steady stream of family who were constantly by his side and a FANTASTIC Nurse- Josh, for that I am truly grateful. When Ace was able to come home we were relieved to have the family together again, but it was short lived. He was readmitted to the hospital on Dec. 24 for jaundice and failure to gain weight. So his first Christmas was spent under the blue lights soaking in the rays. We were very thankful that his second stay was short and sweet and he was discharged on Christmas day.
Ace's saga does not quite end as of yet...When we took him in for his 4 month check-up I told the Dr. about our concerns regarding his low weight and the amount of spit-up Ace was producing on a daily basis. Let me tell you, it wasn't pretty. This discussion led to 3 ultra sounds, which Ace was NOT a fan of, an upper GI test with barium, blood tests and urine tests. I just have to say that getting a urine sample from a 4 month old may be easy in theory, but really it's not for amateurs! However, I am now an expert and available for consultation :) In the end we discovered that our guy had really bad acid reflux and was put on a couple of medications.

Whew....I kinda feel like I have been a downer in recanting this tale. Let me skip ahead a couple months and get to the good part. At a year old, Ace is no longer on any medication for his acid reflux and in fact has seemed to have out-grown it. He no longer struggles to breathe, but has two healthy lungs and now we are the ones who are struggling to keep up with his growing appetite. This experience has made it clear that God was and is with us. My son is gift and I love him more than words could ever express. So in the morning when he wakes up I will greet him just as I do every day when I say, 'Good morning handsome' and I will give him a big kiss and a hug and love on him like there is no tomorrow.

Things you should know about Ace:
  • 1 yr. old
  • can army crawl like he is being chased by a bear
  • gives big open mouth kisses
  • is big on organization and loves to put all of his cars and toys in boxes
  • looks fabulous in hunter orange

Friday, December 3, 2010

Lessons I learned from my nephew

I have one far. Lately I have had the privilege of spending a couple of mornings a week with this wild and crazy guy. The past week especially he has just been cracking my up. I don't know where he is getting his comedy routine from, but it's a crowd pleaser, no doubt. This little guy has definitely opened my eyes to the unforeseen world of boys that lies in my near future. C-man is 3 yrs old and has recently been potty trained and is doing a great job, I'm very proud of him. Just yesterday while we were hanging out he needed a little help in the bathroom pulling up his pants. Now this whole standing up to pee thing is new to a Mom of three girls, but never fear, Aunt Holly is here to help. Well, I thought that I was helping anyway. So I thought we were ready to move on and go wash our hands when this very expressive little guy with big brown eyes and a horror-struck expression on his face turns to me and says, "My weenie is on wrong." Taken a back a bit and a little confused I simply asked if he could fix it himself. "No" he said. Well, lets just say without too many more details that we fixed the problem and Aunt Holly learned about the dangers and constrictive properties of a waistband. I am happy to report no permanent physical damage was done, but it still remains to be seen if any emotional scarring and/or embarrassment may result in the future when my favorite brown-eyed nephew learns that Aunt Holly has blogged about this unfortunate, albeit comical incident. :)

I LOVE YOU C-man!!!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Future Christmas Card

Ok, so I haven't posted in about a million years, but I think that it is time to start up again. So here it goes. I have finally made a Christmas Card and am hoping to get it out sooner that later. I mean after all it is December 2 already! I'm so behind :) Well, I better go try to figure out this whole blog thing again.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


whoever invented the straw is a genius! that being said, let me elaborate. it was a typical morning with P and L barely making it out the door on time and M and R here with me getting ready for preschool. the girls and i were getting ready to leave when i realized that P had not turned in her field trip permission slip. of course at this point i also realize that i cannot write a check to pay for this fabulous outing, but must pay in cash. okay- so i don't usually carry cash and if i do it is spent before i can blink. so with the girls loaded in the van and on our way to preschool we have to detour to the bank. although, how do you break a 20 on the way to school?!! my answer is obvious-STARBUCKS! so P gets a fabulous field trip to the movies and i get to indulge in my favorite addiction. it was at starbucks that i developed deep and heart-felt love and admiration for the inventor of the straw. i decided to actually go into starbucks instead of the drive-thru in hopes of avoiding long lines. in the attempt of avoiding any public scenes and trying to distract the girls a bit i asked M to get me a straw. of course she decided to get one for herself. R soon caught on and followed big sister's lead to get her own as well. so crisis averted there are no melt downs, outbursts or unruly children, only well behaved little angels with straws and wide open imaginations. it was awesome. during our ride those straws were magically transformed into letters, a cross- just like the one Jesus died on for our sins, a violin, drum sticks, horns, pencils, swords and so much more. all of this to say that i am convinced that the straw is and can be the best toy your child will ever have- next to the card board box, which is a classic! i am amazed that a little imagination can transform a little plastic tube into a world of learning and hours of playtime. so today i salute the inventor of the straw, who probably just made it for his/her own kids! so from now on when i am at starbucks or mcdonalds or wherever you can bet that i will be taking a few more straws than necessary and filling up my purse, diaper bag and glove compartment! i may even go crazy and buy the bendy straws at the store!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

little mama

it is so fun for me to watch my kids develop and discover new things. it seems as if they change overnight and they are suddenly transformed into these little people with blossoming personalities, diverse interests, huge vocabularies and deep thoughts! i have asked myself this many times, but really where does the time go?! it seems as if i get so wrapped up in homework, car-pool, changing diapers, karate class, shuttling kids from place to place, play dates, searching the couch for hot lunch money, repeating over and over "stop that- don't hit your sister-knock it off- go to bed- brush your teeth- wash your hands" etc..... that i can forget to stop and catch my kids doing something new and cute.

well, yesterday i actually realized the moment in front of me and stopped to watch little miss r playing with her baby doll. lately she has really been into her babies-it is a good thing that we have at least three of those suckers because we always have one with us. my grandpa made the girls a little baby doll cradle and miss r has become attached. i loved watching her go around the house collecting the things that she would need to take care of her baby. we needed a diaper, wipes, blankets, crib and a bottle. i loved how she gingerly cleaned her baby and tried to change her diaper before the baby had to lay down for her nap- 'shhhh mommy baby sleeping' although she did get mad at me when i would not give her powder and cream for her babies diaper rash-'need powder, need cream!!' i love this little girl with all of my heart and hope that i can continue to catch and hold on to these precious moments before any more of them sneak by me.