Monday, September 29, 2008

Miss Madison

So here we are moving up in the ranks of birth order in the Heyer highlight of the week to our middle child- Madison. We love this crazy little lady and hope you will get to know her a bit better from the following.

All About Madison Paige:

Loves Mickey Mouse and does not go anywhere without him (she even asked her teacher if he could be in her school photo!)

Kicks booty in Tiny Tigers Karate class

She is a super fast runner

Enjoys going to Preschool and being a helper to her teacher

Makes the best silly faces

Loves the windows down and the wind in her face

Has the potential to be a Top Model- she has the moves and is not afraid to use them! (start praying for us now before the teen years hit)

Loves to make people laugh any way possible

She is our best sleeper and enjoys a good nap (that's my girl!)

What else can I say about our Madi, she is a spunky little firecracker with some serious personality. Life would not be the same without her around. She is the only four year old I know who can rock an outfit made up of a pink tye-dye skirt, Bears football jersey, camo vest and pink boots. We love her so much, hope you enjoyed a peek into the world of Madi.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Miss Rylie

Well, I suppose that this whole blog thing is really meant to be about the girls, so I thought that I would highlight one at a time. Let's start with our youngest, Rylie Joy.

    All about Rylie Joy:
    Loves to climb on anything (including in the toilet, on the table or up the bunk bed ladder in record time)

Loves water, whether it be in a bath tub, swimming pool or toilet (is there a theme here?)

Loves to read books

Is a true artist and will color all day long on any surface with pen, crayon or marker

She's a lefty (Grandma's so proud!)

Loves shoes- all we hear is 'shoo shoo'

Can hold her own in a wrestling match with her sisters

Likes to eat cheese, but hates milk

Runs around with her hands flailing all over the place

Is a snuggler who gives lots of hugs and kisses

It is so fun to be able to stay at home with Rylie, she is awesome. Although she does not go to school we do go to MOPs (Mother's of PreSchoolers). This picture of her was taken on her first day of MOPs. She was so excited when I got out the camera and told her we were going to take her picture on the porch, just like the big girls did on their first days of school. She just kept saying "cheese, cheese, cheese" walking throughout the house on our way out front. She better get used to the photos because as many of you know I love to take them!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Family Fun Day

The weekend is officially over and I am avoiding making Monday's lunches, still hoping that the night fairies will magically appear and everything will be ready for the morning. I must be dreaming! Maybe I am just tired from our fabulous family fun weekend.

In our attempts to salvage a bad vacation experience this summer Logan and I decided to try and do some day trips as a family. We were able to go to the San Francisco Zoo, which was really fun. Although, that was back in July and we had not been able to find a good day to take another outing. Our wait was finally over this weekend with, wait for it.... not one but two family events!!! Both a success with no blood, broken bones, major meltdowns or hospital visits of any kind. I even have the smiling photos to prove it (Logan too!).

Friday night was our first adventure- the A's game. Every year Logan's parents get tickets for the A's fireworks game and it is so fun to go, eat lots of junk and stay for an awesome fireworks show. The girls and I had been planning our menu for days leading up to the game. In the end we settled for a well rounded diet of hot dogs, soda, cotton candy, soft pretzels and malts. Throw in a few friends and it was a perfect night.

Event number two was a bit more low key, but still fun none the less. This morning (Sunday), after a day of recuperation and getting everyone ready for the early service at church, which is an event in itself, we headed off to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum and Animal Hospital in Walnut Creek. We had never been even though it is so close to home. The girls were able to see a mountain lion, eagles, hawks, falcons, tons of rodents and snakes. Not to mention all of the 'stuffed' animals too.

So in the end our weekend was a hit! Hopefully our next family outing will come sooner than later. For now it is back to reality of the week to come. So I think that I will sit a little longer eating my chocolate chips and give the fairies another half an hour to show up.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Life in the Bathroom

In the attempt to become a more organized Mom I have been reading a book called Absolutely Organized: A Mom's Guide to a No-Stress Schedule and Clutter-Free Life by Debbie Lillard. Okay, so I have not mastered this book or even finished reading it yet! But none the less I am making progress. This all to say that I have been attempting to keep a schedule with all of my house work that I love so much :) Well, today was Tuesday, my day to clean the bathrooms and I started thinking about my relationship with this little room and what it has meant in my journey thus far as a Mom.

I believe that life as a Mom begins and will more than likely end in the bathroom. Let me explain a bit. Where a majority of women learn that they are pregnant revolves around the bathroom. You are either peeing on a stick or puking in the toilet- and so motherhood and your relationship with this little room begins. Further along in your pregnancy you frequent the bathroom more often than not and curse your doctor for all of the water you are required to drink. This is where the true 'potty training' begins. Before you even have children you now know where every bathroom in your city is located and which ones have the good toilet paper and seat covers. I am certain that you could go into any Target store and ask the mother of a toddler where the bathroom is and she would know!

The bathroom has not always been my close companion. I have cried over failed potty training attempts and thought that I would never see another room in the house again. Although, it never fails that I keep coming back :) Some days it is my quiet escape from crazy kids, a hiding place or a private office for important phone calls. I certainly have a long road ahead on this journey called motherhood and I am positive that I will spend many more hours in this tiny sanctuary called the bathroom. So for now I will settle for a clean toilet every Tuesday and remember to be thankful for the reason that I came to appreciate this special room in the first place-without the puke this time around!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Here it goes....

Okay, so I guess that I have officially joined the world of blogs! I am not quite sure what this world will hold for me yet, but I am willing to jump in with both feet (or hands?) and start typing away. It is my hope that this will be a fun way to express the every day ups and downs of the Heyer family. So hold on tight because here we go.....