Friday, December 3, 2010

Lessons I learned from my nephew

I have one far. Lately I have had the privilege of spending a couple of mornings a week with this wild and crazy guy. The past week especially he has just been cracking my up. I don't know where he is getting his comedy routine from, but it's a crowd pleaser, no doubt. This little guy has definitely opened my eyes to the unforeseen world of boys that lies in my near future. C-man is 3 yrs old and has recently been potty trained and is doing a great job, I'm very proud of him. Just yesterday while we were hanging out he needed a little help in the bathroom pulling up his pants. Now this whole standing up to pee thing is new to a Mom of three girls, but never fear, Aunt Holly is here to help. Well, I thought that I was helping anyway. So I thought we were ready to move on and go wash our hands when this very expressive little guy with big brown eyes and a horror-struck expression on his face turns to me and says, "My weenie is on wrong." Taken a back a bit and a little confused I simply asked if he could fix it himself. "No" he said. Well, lets just say without too many more details that we fixed the problem and Aunt Holly learned about the dangers and constrictive properties of a waistband. I am happy to report no permanent physical damage was done, but it still remains to be seen if any emotional scarring and/or embarrassment may result in the future when my favorite brown-eyed nephew learns that Aunt Holly has blogged about this unfortunate, albeit comical incident. :)

I LOVE YOU C-man!!!!!

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