Sunday, March 22, 2009

little mama

it is so fun for me to watch my kids develop and discover new things. it seems as if they change overnight and they are suddenly transformed into these little people with blossoming personalities, diverse interests, huge vocabularies and deep thoughts! i have asked myself this many times, but really where does the time go?! it seems as if i get so wrapped up in homework, car-pool, changing diapers, karate class, shuttling kids from place to place, play dates, searching the couch for hot lunch money, repeating over and over "stop that- don't hit your sister-knock it off- go to bed- brush your teeth- wash your hands" etc..... that i can forget to stop and catch my kids doing something new and cute.

well, yesterday i actually realized the moment in front of me and stopped to watch little miss r playing with her baby doll. lately she has really been into her babies-it is a good thing that we have at least three of those suckers because we always have one with us. my grandpa made the girls a little baby doll cradle and miss r has become attached. i loved watching her go around the house collecting the things that she would need to take care of her baby. we needed a diaper, wipes, blankets, crib and a bottle. i loved how she gingerly cleaned her baby and tried to change her diaper before the baby had to lay down for her nap- 'shhhh mommy baby sleeping' although she did get mad at me when i would not give her powder and cream for her babies diaper rash-'need powder, need cream!!' i love this little girl with all of my heart and hope that i can continue to catch and hold on to these precious moments before any more of them sneak by me.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

bring it on tonto

okay, let me first say that i love animals! God has created some pretty cool animals. yes, i love God's creatures, although many of which i choose to enjoy from afar. i enjoy dogs and have been the owner of a couple in my lifetime- blondie, audie, and currently scout- all of whom will always have a special place in my heart. we have bonded and shared life together. that being said, as far as pets and animals living in my home i do have limits-dogs and fish. recently a couple of tiny critters have decided to take up residence in my home- uninvited i may add. these mice have quickly become my foes and prey. it seems that they are out to get me and will taunt me throughout the day and night! of course i do not think that anyone in my house has actually seen my new arch enemies, which in a way i am glad that the girls have not had any encounters with the little rascals. now you may be thinking that i am overreacting and going a bit overboard and to some degree i would have to agree with you, but i have been consumed and on a mission and will not cease until i have reigned victorious. so i continue on in my journey to defeat tonto (yes, i have named the mouse- he keeps taunting me, i thought it was fitting) and rid the heyer home of all intruders!